Your next great hire is only a relationship away.

Discover and engage talent faster, by leaning into the power of human connection.

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At Aliro, we're founded on a belief in 'access for all'.

We're on a mission to help talent acquisition and sourcing teams tap into hidden networks and cultivate robust talent communities, making it easier to connect people to jobs and hire great people - faster. 

Here's how.

Referral Networks

Expand your talent pool exponentially, and reach more willing and qualified job seekers faster, by making it easy to tap into relationships and networks to give your open jobs greater visibility.

Talent Discovery

Uncover and re-discover the qualified candidates you already worked hard to find, with automated engagement that connects people to new jobs.

Internal Mobility

Make it easier for your people to connect with new opportunities through automated discovery and referral networks,  so the talent you have already is engaged and sticks around.

Workforce Diversity

Reach beyond known talent pools, and get your jobs in front of networks and groups that create pathways for non-traditional candidates. 

Aliro helps companies discover and engage great talent.

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Referral Networks

Exponentially expand your talent pools, let human connection do the work for you. 

Amplify the reach of your jobs.  From current employees to professional groups - your network (internal and external) can share jobs in just seconds with a mobile-first solution that includes text, email and social media referral links.

Get your jobs in front of the right people, faster. Stop guessing and wasting money and resources hoping qualified people will see your jobs and apply - use the power of relationships to reach better quality talent with greater speed.

Automate sourcing and referrals for your HR and Talent team.  Your talent networks begin to expand and do the work to connect jobs and people, with no recruiter effort.  A clean dashboard keeps your team on top of progress, while we automate the communication, tracking and rewards for referrers - all completely configurable to support your program.

Internal Mobility

Looking for that rockstar new hire? They might already work for you.

Deliver new opportunities to employees, before they go looking.  You know the old adage, it's easier for people to find their next job outside of your company than inside. We think it's time to change that - an easy, mobile-first solution makes it simple for employees to automatically get matched with new roles that match their skills and experience. 

Make it easy for employees to refer their colleagues (or, apply!). Who knows your peoples' abilities better than themselves or their colleagues? Reward employees for referring other employees to new roles that are a great next step in their career - and, make it super simple for every employee to apply, too!

Talent Discovery

You're working hard to find great candidates, but you probably already know them.

Rediscover qualified talent. Tap into the people you've already worked hard to find, and connect previous applicants and contacts in your ATS - from silver medalists to referrals or resource groups - to new jobs automatically.

Engage job seekers faster.  Automated matching of people to jobs puts your new opportunities in front of potential applicants immediately - helping you reach available talent before your competition.

Workforce Diversity

Amplify your reach with the power of human connection to cultivate a differentiated team.

Build and tap into truly diverse talent pools.  External referrals and social media sharing of your jobs helps you reach far beyond just the people you know today, helping create an exponential network of talent with broad representation. We'll also help you proactively connect diverse candidates you already have in your ATS or internal resource groups to new opportunities and re-engage them. 

Commit to military hiring initiatives. We''ve built into the platform military-specific capabilities, like code-based skills matching and self-identification, to help military candidates uncover the right jobs for their experience.  Second, our Military Advisory Services can help you figure out how to connect with military talent faster, with proven best practices for building a military hiring and engagement program.

Seamless Integration

We complement your favorite ATS 

The Aliro solution integrates with the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), so that you can be up and running fast and your jobs and data flow seamlessly across your Talent Acquisition tech stack.

Customer Support

Our team is dedicated to your success

You aren't alone in this journey.  Our dedicated customer support team will operate as an extension of your team to drive program success, sharing best practices and monitoring outcomes along the way.

Ready to try something new?

If the challenge of finding  talent to fill your open jobs feels never-ending, let's talk about a new approach to how you discover and engage great people.